Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hamptons "Fall" Happiness

This summer I did a Hamptons Happiness series of all things Hamptons that make me happy! Here are two autumn Hamptons outings that offer lots of happiness!
If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or friends with kiddies, Hanks Pumpkintown http://www.hankspumpkintown.com/ is an absolute must! The fun offerings are plentiful: wagon rides, corn field mazes, drinking fresh apple cider, munching on roasted corn on the cob, climbing on all of the wooden toys, pumpkin and apple picking!

Your choice of three different corn mazes depending on how long you wish to explore!  
I like the simplicity of corn tied with a ribbon hanging on a front door for the fall season.
If you are looking for red carpets, glitter and glam then the Hamptons International Film Festival is your choice for this weekend! Check out the website for showings, events and dates   http://hamptonsfilmfest.org/.

The Hamptons are amazing year round!


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

we were gonna go to a corn maze on Sunday and apple picking - but we decided to watch the games instead - my Niece went tho!

PS - another GIVE-AWAY going on tomorrow!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

The Buzz said...

So sad that the boys are grown and have absolutely no interest in Hank's. I remember the days when we couldn't wait to do the maze and pick out our pumpkins to carve (sigh)!

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh what wonderful fun! I just love that there is year round fun there. I know I can always count on you knowing what the "hot" or "cool" things to do in the Hamptons are!!!

Style Attic said...

Those places are just the best :) I enjoy it now while the kids are young...I figure the next time I'm enjoying them on a regular basis will be the grandparent stage!!

The fact that yours is called Hanks makes it all the sweeter :)

The Zhush said...

wow! If it weren't over three hours by car (jealous!) I would head over to this spot in an instant...my kids would be over the moon happy here! (who wouldn't) sending a link to my friends with a place in Bridgehampton!xx

Kathleen said...

I like the one on the back road better, not as crowded. We took the 4 gkids and picked apples.
I have been buying vegetables from Hank's dad for years! Still the honor system! :)

Jennifer and Austin said...

We love Pumpkintown, it's literally right around the corner from us. Although, we do try to avoid it on the weekends...That's when Pumpkintown becomes Crazytown!
Kathleen, you're right, the farm stand/pumpkin patch on the back road is less crowded...However, we have driven by there and witnessed them spraying some pretty horrific-smelling pesticides on their apple trees, so tend to avoid that place.

Kathleen said...

Jennifer, I went to your blog to answer this but you have no email. Maybe Hampton Toes has one for you.
I am surprised The Halseys spray nasty stuff. I know they are closely affiliated with the Cornell Co op, and are always written up for their excellent farm practices. I am fwding your comment to John to see what he says. I have been going there for 20 yrs and longer to Hank Sr. Are you sure the spray they use is harmful?

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