Friday, August 10, 2012

Hamptons Magazine - the Saturday Morning Dash

Truth be told, I had never been to a yard/tag/estate sale until three years after having a home in the Hamptons. I had the mindset that it was someone else's junk. Little did I know that everyone who told me that "treasures" were to be found was right, so right! I'm still not a hard core treasure seeker, however if I'm driving down the road and pass a sale I will usually pull over to peruse the offerings.

The headboard in my header is a "gem" of a find from former Domino Magazine's Hamptons yard sale in Amagansett several years ago.

Check out my most recent article for Hamptons Magazine online! Let me know which of the treasures I featured is your favorite? Do you yard/tag/estate sale shop?


Lili said...

omg that english pram is darling for a steal!

Karolyn said...

I love the headboard, and I remember my you gear sister being strolled in a pram like that in Ireland!! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

I love that you are writing for Hamptons Magazine, Lisa. You will bring so much to the table.

That headboard is gorgeous. I heard that antiques prams can be worth quite a bit of money.

I have never had a yard sale but am thinking I should because of the divorce I have this huge house and so much that I won't have the room for when I move. Just kind of the thought of bringing it all out and taking it all back in is overwhelming.

Hope your summer is going well!! xo

pretty pink tulips said...

Happy August, Lisa!! Sounds like you've had the most wonderful summer in East Hampton!

I'll bet the estate/tag sales in the Hamptons bring it to a whole new level. I always love a Luytens bench, but that headboard is a serious WOW!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

STYLE'N said...

Hi Lisa, Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer. I liked your feature and the headboard is so pretty too.

Silvia C said...

Hello Lisa!
I'm an avid treasure hunter at state and yard sales, but I only buy those things that I am totally crazy about (to avoid being on an episode of Hoarders). I'm actually getting rid of a lot of stuff now after many years of collecting too many things.
Those finds are fabulous. The baby carriage is my fave! :-)

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