Friday, February 26, 2010

Estate sales

Happy Friday! We got so much snow last night. It's a winter wonderland outside (wishing I was in the mountains right now so I could go snowboarding.) Going sledding with my daughter is about to commence in thirty minutes, so let me post and run. 

 Yesterday I posted about attending auctions at various auction house's as a great way to acquire amazing pieces for your home. Another great option for finding goodies is estate sales.  I will admit that I generally don't attend estate sales (so I'm no pro), but have been to two in the Hamptons and both were amazing. For both sales, I just got lucky and stumbled across them...truly!

 The first estate sale I went to was Domino Magazine's in Amagansett. I was driving down the road to take my kiddies to play minature golf in Montauk when I spotted the sale. I pulled over and sprinted to see what was in store...I found an amazing headboard (see January post).  

The other sale was at the late artist David Porter's estate in Wainscott. I was driving to the beach when I saw the sign for his estate sale. Again, I pulled over to see if there was anything that would make a nice addition to our home.

Yesterday I showed you a costume rendering from Beverly Sill's estate that I acquired at auction. This costume rendering is by costume designer Kroll. It does not have the same legacy as the one I posted about yesterday, but still I love the dress and the color.  The costume designer, Kroll, was a family friend (as I was told at the estate sale) of the Porter's. The nephew hosting the sale was selling approximately 50 different costume renderings by this designer. I often wonder if I should have bought more and made a whole wall of these lovely images...they are perfect for a little girl's room. This is in our daughter's room, along with the Beverly Sill's one of a kind piece of artwork.  
Attending this estate sale wasn't just about hoping to find a gem, it ended up being even better...I got an art education. Now, I pass it along to you. David Porter was an artist who had a residence in the Hamptons. His wife was Marian Porter and her sister, Margaret Oettinger (1897 - 1967) was an artist who studied at Columbia University under the talented George Luks. She did many pieces of artwork that David and Marian Porter had in their home. Margaret Oettinger's work hangs in an art museum in Northeastern Pennsylvania and in many private homes. Below are a few pieces that I purchased. Unfortunately, I don't have them framed yet, but it's on my list of stuff to get done this week.

This painting was done of the view while sitting on the back porch of the family's residence at a lake in Pennsylvania (I can't remember the lake's name right now, but I do have it written down).  Margaret's nephew, John, told me of his fond memories watching his Aunt paint. I gravitated towards this painting because of the water and because of the story behind the piece.  
Another Margaret Oettinger painting of a view from their family's residence in Pennsylvania.
And, this is Margaret Oettinger's.  I like it because it looks inviting to sit down and have a cup of tea.

I'm happy with the two estate sales I've been bumped into along the way. Have you been to estate sales?
Do you have any treasures you'd like to share? Enjoy your weekend!


M.A.the2nd said...

These pieces are exquisite. I particularly like the top one of the water. They look like watercolours ~ is that right? It is amazing to find these pieces at estate sales or auctions and I love going to them to find a piece of history that you can then look after. All these pieces tell a story and that is what is so amazing about them. I also love going to antique shops and searching for different pieces. I am currently looking at a late 18th century Directoire Canape seat in original condition. I also have bought lithographs at different antique shops by Bessler that were actually just lying loose in a folder and they were all numbered from the plates used.
I also love the costume rendering and it is perfect for a little girls room(or even a big girls room) as we all liked to get dressed up!

Hamptontoes said...

Yes, all of the artwork was done with watercolor, except for the's chalk. You are right, the pieces are so enjoyable because I have some history behind each piece.

Beth Dunn said...

Those are gorgeous!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

I love the Kroll. Just beautiful. Hope you are well. Loved hearing from you this week. Hope you are well.

Arianna Belle said...

I haven't gone to any estate sales but your post has convinced me I must soon!

Have a beautiful weekend!



La Dolfina said...

Wow, I'm an estate sale junkie and trust me when I tell you that the 2 you went to sounded amazing!! I would die to have gone to those with you!! Keep going... it only gets better!! I could regale you for hours with my wonderful memories of estate saling. I loved reading your profile. You sound like my kind of gal!! Enjoy those kiddies of yours... my time is coming to an end as my only child is a senior in HS and college bound in a matter of months.
Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to following you and your estate sale adventures!!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

red ticking said...

i must say... i am green with envy... i love hitting little spots and sales out in your neck of the woods.. i come every summer and just love all of the finds ... and the ups man in east hampton scratches his head everytime he sees me... i will so enjoy following along to hear all of your tales.. have a great weekend... xx

holly goes lightly said...

HamptonToes -
Bailey is doing wonderfully well, you are so sweet to check in! She's doing her 'downward dog' stretches again, which she hasn't been able to do since before the accident (too sore), so I'm taking that as a really good sign. I love estate sales, but haven't been able to connect to the network yet here in Charlotte. I'll come join you for one in the Hamptons any time!
Take care.

pinkstilettos said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog! You asked about the pompoms.... stringing them but I am not quite sure. I am going to have to figure that one out. If you find out, let me know :)

Anonymous said...

It's getting to be that time of year to start hitting all the sales. Looks like you scored! Those really are beautiful! marcia

Hamptontoes said...

Red ticking & Holly Goes lightly,
If you are planning to head to the Hamptons this summer, e-mail me...we'll visit some estate sales together!

La Dolfina,
I'd love to hear about some of the gems you've found along the way and any tips you have. E-mail me.