Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A simple wallpapering tip

When hanging anything on top of wallpaper, I recommend you don't put the the nail through the wallpaper. You will create a small whole in the wallcovering that can not be fixed or hidden in the event you want to move the artwork or frame. Instead, using a utility knife, cut a small upside down V, pull the wallcovering back gently and then put the nail through the drywall.
If you ever wanted to move your hanging you could just dab a little wallpaper paste on the drywall (V area) and pull up the wallcovering to make it whole again. This works well if you are "fixing" an area where you had one or two frames, the repair will usually go unnoticed.  A simple tip that works like a charm!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Another closet transformation

Over the weekend I completed the closet transformation in my five year old daughter's bedroom.

Here's a transition photo, notice the difference between the area I applied wallpaper and the areas that had yet to be done?    
I keep walking into her room and looking at her closet. She asked me "Mom, what do you keep looking for in my closet?" Oh, nothing dear, I just wished my closet looked this good. I'm itching to do my closet now!
The little hooks on this sliding piece are meant for belts and ties...we are using them for her necklaces. 
Do you believe that an organized closet makes for a happiness?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here's the skinny

Switching gears when it comes to careers takes guts. Even more guts when you are thinking of starting a family. It isn't easy to walk away from something comfortable and pursue the unknown, even if it is your calling. Yet in 2005 that is exactly what I did. Why? Because I believed in myself.

I landed a coveted internship with one of the greatest, Bunny Williams and worked hard, very hard. Going to Bunny's office every morning was a dream to me. I was eager to learn and willing to listen.
In 2007 (while home with my firstborn) I got a call from one of Bunny Williams former proteges, Todd Gribben. Todd spent a decade with Bunny and was now branching out on his own. He thought I had a great eye and offered me part-time work as his design assistant. I jumped at the opportunity. Besides his own design firm, he owns Gris - an antique shop , he's part of 1st Dibs and was a tastemaster on One Kings Lane. Class act and very talented.

After my stint with Todd, I formed my own corporation and branched out on my own. I have been mindful to build my business slowly, but steadily with quality work. I have been determined to balance motherhood with working, even if limiting projects up until now. Being a doting mother is important to me, and so is following my passion.

Why all of the sharing? Traditional Home is asking bloggers to nominate the next top 10 New Trad designers! Nominating yourself is not an option, so I'm asking my blogging friends...who wants to see images of my work (that aren't on my blog) and if you think I'm worthy, nominate me? I'm ready...are you ready to be a guest editor at Trad Home if we are both chosen?
Image property of Trad Home, with permission it's shared.
I'm putting myself out there. I'm okay with taking chances. I support whomever is picked as the the new Trad Home designers, good design is good design...whether mine or some elses. Good luck to everyone who nominates and is nominated!

Happy Friday!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Is there a grandparent trend?

Nowadays, little ones are getting their own special spaces and toys when visiting grandma and grandpa.

Here I blogged about grandparents who created a stylish bedroom for their two grandsons. The same set of grandparents created this pirate ship for their grandsons in their backyard! The grandfather designed and created this impressive backyard toy with his own two hands. Wow!
I'm currently working on a bedroom for two little granddaugthers. The grandparents ordered this headboard and toybox before contacting me to assist on the project.
Do you think there is a grandparent trend? Are you a grandparent who is creating spaces in your home for the grandchildren? Are you a parent who has seen your parents or in-laws transform spaces for your children?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Swinging into the new year

Happy New Year! I hope your 2012 is filled with great health and much happiness!

I find interior swings especially charming when incorporated into children's spaces. Since this room isn't in a full-time residence I was able to push boundaries and do something truly fun that I wouldn't typically design for a day to day space. Weekend whimsical.       
Dresser: custom
The key with swings in spaces for kids is to not hang them where they can become a "swing," but rather closer to a wall where they become a fun place for a kid to hang out and read a book or play with a small toy.  I had this one professionally hung into the ceiling beams about ten inches from the wall.     

Have you used swings in interior spaces?