Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design details that caught my eye

My oh my, have I missed all of you! I was away on a family vacation and completely unplugged. Since returning I've had so much on my plate that even squeezing in one of my favorite activities, blogging, wasn't an option the past two weeks. Glad to be back!

While vacationing I took notice of design details from Atlantis in the Bahamas that are worth sharing. The chevron stone tile in this bath was eye catching.   
Look at it close-up, it is little pieces of stone laid out in the chevron pattern. Very impressive installation.  
In one of the lobbies I found several of these side tables. The natural element of the twig coated with a varnish made for striking, yet practical tables. The tops were super smooth. Fun for a beachside resort. 
Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill was such a culinary treat. The decor combined with the food made for a memorable dining experience. In the past I've mentioned pushing boundaries when it comes to the backs of dining chairs, as they aren't spaces that normally get wear and tear. Look how cowhide was used on the chairs.     
The waiting area consisted of several chic, vinyl covered seating surfaces. I'm a huge fan of using vinyl in areas with high traffic. 
Every morning poolside, we were greeted with these towel creations. I enjoyed them so much that I asked one of the workers for a tutorial. I will now be making these all summer long. Simple happiness!   
In a lobby I found these chairs with roping and knots.    

I have a love for orchids. The usage of bamboo to hold the individual stems up caught my attention. I wonder if I can duplicate? Have you seen this look before?  
Are you one who is inspired by your travels?