Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hampton Designer Showhouse

The design duo, Tilton Fenwick, stole the show in the "basement" of Traditional Home's Hampton Designer Showhouse. Designing a basement in a showhouse is probably not the first choice of most designers, nor was it their choice...it was assigned. However, what Suysel and Anne accomplished is a testament to their interior design prowess. Way to go ladies!
The pagoda lanterns are amazing! Tilton Fenwick did not miss a beat, every detail is stunning!     
I am in awe over this room. Their color palette is sheer perfection, the room is inviting, the details are eye catching and most importantly, it is a liveable space. The Jules Cozine painting on the right is a winner.        
The bold yellow National Geographics look so chic lined up across the Hickory Chair "Peony" console. The Spitzmiller "Garniture" lamps add a rich splash of color to the room and compliment the Eric Cahan artwork quite nicely. The Phillip Jeffries wallcovering is so amazing that it has me planning my early August visit to their showroom. This room is truly bursting at the seams with fabulousness!           
Tic tac toe anyone?        
I met the Tilton Fenwick ladies at Kravet's 2011 Blogfest in May and since then we've been hanging out together. They are as nice, down to earth and beautiful as they are talented!      
Suysel and Anne ventured out on their own with the formation of Tilton Fenwick less than a year ago and have already designed a space in the coveted Hampton Designer Showhouse! Traditonal Home is the proud sponsor of the  Hampton Designer Showhouse which is open daily from 11am to 5pm. Are you planning your visit?   

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hampton Designer Showhouse

Saturday night I attended the opening cocktail party for Traditional Home's Hampton Designer Showhouse.
Tobi Fairley knocked the ball out of the park with her interpretation of a guest bedroom! Her use of color, her attention to detail, her fearlessness to push boundaries yet still create a classic, timeless, beautiful and functional space drew the attention of everyone who entered her room. I was impressed and captivated by Tobi's space.
If you follow my blog you know I'm a stickler for details, one of which is paying attention to ceilings. I love how Tobi drew the eye up the walls with her painted stripes.
Tobi looked stunning in her gorgeous yellow dress!
The dresser was another example of Tobi's attention to detail. Look at the Kelly green trim complimenting the Schumacher textile used on the headboard, the window treatments and the bergere.
Love the chic color of the dress and isn't the bow just fabulous? 
The details on the dresser...don't you just love the mineral element infused into this space. 
I spent a significant amount of time haning out with Tobi in her room. Every single person who walked into her room went absolutely ape over Swank Lighting's recycled glass lamps, including Tobi's friend Jamie Drake.  
Since I mentioned Jamie Drake let me just say that he has a personality larger than life and is such a nice, likeable man! He is also funny and why you see me laughing in this photo.
I'm a huge fan of using desks as bedside tables. In my daughter's room you'll eventually see where I paired a custom desk with a lucite bamboo chair. However, Tobi did something with this desk that I loved. She wallpapered the top of the desk and then had a custom piece of thick lucite made to go over the wallcovering...genuis! Such a striking element that fetched many compliments too!
To really appreciate Marjorie Skouras Design's chandelier you need to see it in person. Absolutely gorgeous! The jade stones with the gold was magical! 
Tobi, congratulations on all of the local press and rave reviews you are getting in the Hamptons! You deserve it all! You are an asset to our industry and I'm proud to call you a friend.
I highly recommend this year's Hampton Designer Showhouse located at 1224 Scuttle Hole Road. You can visit Monday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm July 24th through September 4th. Do you love going to showhouses? Will you be making a visit to see this one?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visit me at Tobi Fairley

In May I met the talented interior designer Tobi Fairley at Kravet's Blogfest 2011. Tobi is one of those people you meet and instantly like, she is a gem!
When Tobi asked me to guest post today on something All American I jumped on the opportunity to showcase a to-the-trade vendor that always peaks my interest, visit me at Tobi's blog.

Tobi and I are getting together this week in the Hamptons! Tobi is designing a space for the always fabulous Hampton Designer Showhouse. I will be her date to the opening gala this coming Saturday. I look forward to sharing photos of the showhouse with all of you, but for now visit my all American post.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Barefoot Contessa

Yesterday was the perfect Hamptons day! I woke at 6:30am, took my children to the beach from 8:30 until 10:15, from 11 until 12:15 I hung with (wink, wink) the Barefoot Contessa and went wakeboarding with my family and friends from 1pm until dinner. That's "Hamptons" happiness to me!
Nothing quite says home like amazing aromas from the kitchen. The Barefoot Contess gives us the tools to create a home where good food is always being served. She has sold more than ten million of her seven cookbooks.
East Hampton's Guild Hall is a treasure for diverse cultural experiences. Yesterday the Guild Hall hosted Ina Garten who chatted with Stephen Drucker in a session called Conversations with Culinary Celebrities. The dynamic duo captivated a sold out crowd before Ina signed books.
Did you know this about the illustrious Barefoot Contessa?
She was born in Brooklyn, but grew up in a very modern home in Connecticut. Her father was a doctor and her mother a cook that never used butter or salt in her cooking! Stephen said to her "you cook with salt, butter and cream" yet they are right up there with "smoking!" You aren't backing down...why? Ina said she believes in cooking with real, non-processed food. I feel the same way. You too?
Am I the only one who did not know this? Ina worked in DC for the White House dealing with nuclear energy policy. At night she loved to cook wonderful meals. In 1978 she saw an ad for a specialty shop that was for sale in Westhampton, New York. She and her husband, Jeffrey, took a ride to the Hamptons to look at the shop. She made a low bid offer thinking it would give her time to think about this career change she was contemplating. The very next morning the woman who owned the Barefoot Contessa specialty shop called to tell her that she accepted her offer! That is how she got started and that is how she became known as the Barefoot Contessa. I always just assumed that she gave herself that name! Fascinating, right?

Ina Garten is not a trained chef, she is self taught. Her cookbooks offer using ingredients that are easy to buy and she writes so that one can hopefully duplicate her dishes. Perhaps that is why so many relate to her?
She believes in using really good ingredients, fresh food and doing as little with it to make it yummy.

She offers this advice to anyone wanting to entertain. Get pass the idea that everything needs to be hot, that idea takes too much time and can result in a frazzled hostess. Serve one hot dish straight from the oven/grill, one warm dish and one cold dish. Also, when it comes to appetizers do only three and again, keep it simple otherwise you will spend as much time making them as you do the dinner. Ina likes to keep a dish of cashews, a bowl of potato chips that are store bought, but super delicious and some salami for guests to nosh one before dinner. She is also a fan of making a good dish the day before, allowing the flavors to mingle and then serving the next day.
When entertaining she loves to keep an intimate setting with six people making for the perfect dinner party.

If you are lucky enough to ever entertain Ina you'll want to omit cilantro from the dish, as she isn't a fan at all. She believes it over powers dishes. (Hmmm. I love cilantro.) Her cocktail of choice is a whiskey sour. Stephen asked what someone should cook for her if she was going to be a guest in their home! She responded with meatloaf or any of the recipes from her book...they are what she loves! An ice cream favorite of hers is vanilla!

Ina measures everything when cooking. I found that to be interesting, as I rarely measure whats going into a dish. Perhaps that is why it is hard for me to give out recipes. I add a dash of this, a pinch of that and whip it all together...and this is how I write down my homemade recipes! How do you cook? Ina or Hamptontoes style?
Since bloggers and blog followers are savvy technology individuals, you'll be happy to hear that she is working on an App!

She uses kosher salt in baking and cooking and sea salt to finish a dish before serving. Have you always wondered which one to use when?

Her Friday night staple dish is usually roast chicken. She loves her husband to walk through the door after a long work week and smell a good chicken roasting in the oven. I love that she creates traditions with her cooking.

Consumer Reports awarded her best brownie recipe in America! Stephen Drucker mentioned the article said to cut small pieces or one could over indulge. Ina, with good humor replied one should cut whatever size brownie they would like to eat!

Her favorite comfort food is good 'ole chocolate chip cookies!

You may be wondering why she no longer writes her column for House Beautiful. She told us that she used to love going to the farm stands in the Hamptons alone. It was fun for her. At one point she was in the car with a camera crew on their way to a local farm stand and she realized that it distracted from her happiness. Good for us, she writes cookbooks!

Stephen Drucker told Ina that she is the most discplined business woman he knowns. He admires how she maintains boundaries between her career and her personal life. She is known to say "no" to many opportunities that come her way, as they distract from the core of who she is and what she wants. To that, I will toast!

I think Ina is super impressive, she is a woman who followed her dreams. She walked away from a high profile career and ventured into unknown territory to follow her dreams. Kudos to you Ina and thanks for spending an hour and fifteen minutes with me yesterday (wink!)

Ina's books are amazing, not just the recipes but the tips in the back of the books. Her At Home book has an entire section about visiting the Hamptons, where she resides full time. Ina's How Easy Is That book offers an entire section with sixty eight tips for the kitchen, her In Paris books gives insider tips on where to dine...invaluable resources. I'm studying the books and not just for the recipes!

Do you know your way around the kitchen? Do you have a favorite Barefoot Contessa recipe? What did you learn about Ina?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

World's Away lighting

I'm a huge fan of World's Away (to the trade) lighting options. Here are a few of my favorites!  The Leona G has been waiting in my office to be hung, sadly for far too long!
The Moderna lantern would be fabulous in a foyer.  
 The Greek key motif is a classic and always a winner.
The pagoda lamp is a departure from an expected look, yet it is refined and stunning. I love the Chinoserie nod so much you'll see it in upcoming images of my master bedroom.
 The gold wire wrapped lamp is striking in person. Still waiting to use a pair of these in a space!
I love the subtle sophistication of this gold bamboo lamp, it's elegant. It will be going into a client's home!
 I adore the "O" lamp...it would be a nice addition to a library, living room or master bedroom.
Which lighting fixtures strike your fancy? Where do you score great lighting fixtures?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!

I am proud of many things in my life and being an American is high on my list. Happy Independence Day America!

I'll be flying our American flag quite proudly today, spending time on the boat, grilling with my family and friends; and watching fireworks tonight! How will you be spending your day?