Friday, May 7, 2010

Too good!

Yesterday I posted about the textiles I scored at the annual Brunschwig & Fils warehouse sale located in White Plains, NY and mentioned I'd be back today to showcase my wallpaper finds. The deals were more like steals. I could not believe the pricing on such fine wallcoverings...$5.00 per roll! I should mention I hang my own wallpaper, so I have lots of projects ahead of me!

This Christopher Norman Shagreen wallcovering is a deep rich hunter green. I have hunter green tumbled marble from Italy in the foyer (here when we moved in.) I'm going to carry the green into the closet with this wallcovering. 
My foyer and the closet that will soon have a little makeover with the above wallcovering.
There was one roll of this left. I started to drool when I saw this Christopher Norman Treillage wallcovering. The black with bamboo is stunning and is going to make my linen closet very happy in our vacation home. Yes, a $5.00 makeover with gorgeous wallpaper!  
And because I could not walk away from the bamboo I bought the other colorways too! I'll be doing an entire room in the white colorway. I just don't know where yet, but definitely not in the same house as above. I never over do a good thing!
And the gray, maybe for family or a friend? Maybe to wrap presents? There was only one roll (but it's a triple roll bolt) There is enough for a small space...linen closet, hallway, half-bath, maybe below or above a chair rail. And, for $5.00 I wasn't walking away from this gem. 
Potager, A Brunschwig & Fils wallcovering. I overhead the lady in front of me say (while looking at the below wallpaper) that she'd never hang this in her kitchen. To which I chimed in and said "neither would I, but it sure would look amazing in my whole-in-the-wall pantry in our vacation home." I bought a couple of rolls and the lady I overhead, bought more than I did for her pantry! (It's true!)
This Christopher Norman wallcovering is so stunning.  As soon as I saw it I knew exactly where it would be the guest bedroom in our vacation home. I love the subtlety of the colorway and the grasses remind of my endless hours in the yard cultivating my ornamental grasses (seen below.)
The yard at our vacation home. It has been a labor of love that I've done with my own two hands.

I don't have a pink wall in my home, but I do love the color. I've been wanting to do my walk-in closet in pink and hang a chandelier for quite some time. This wallcovering has very light and deep rich pinks. Looks like I'll be working in my closet in the near future with this Hinson & Company wallcovering. Again, could not pass on a high end wallcovering at a bargain basement deal. 
This ballet slipper pink wallcovering is so sweet and darling. I won't be hanging it on a wall, but rather in a brushed gold frame and then putting a photograph of my daughter in her ballet attire inside.
Love the Kelly green Andover stripes...this is going to look amazing hanging on a wall, just don't know where yet!

And, finally another good wallcovering for a linen closet!
Do you love wallpaper? Do you like using it in unexpected places like a linen closet, a pantry or hung in a frame as the background or even as art?  Textiles and wallcoverings weren't the only goodies I scored, I even got two amazing Hinson & Company lamp shades that were beyond a deal. I'll show you everything as I use it in various spaces. Hope you enjoyed your little tour of some of the wonderful offerings at the Brunschwig and Fils warehouse sale.

To all of my blogging friends who are mothers and will celebrating on Sunday, Happy Mother's Day! May your day be filled with love, laughter, sweet moments that create lifetime memories and doing whatever it is that makes you genuinely happy! I will be celebrating with my family and watching my daughter perform in her first ballet recital over the weekend. I will cry happy, proud tears (I just know it.) To my own mother...I'm grateful to have been raised by a lady with a strong moral compass, with a passion for being a mother and a heart big enough to always make me and my brother feel like we were loved endlessly. Thank you for doing your job as a mother so well, my template for being a rock star mom was set by you...I love you and Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy your weekend! 


Ann said...

Stunning finds, Lisa!

The sale looks like it would be worth driving over to NY for!

And Happy Mother's Day to all, as well!

Holly Goes Lightly said...

if you need a room for that white Treillage, i've got a plane ticket for you! pack up the rolls and come on down.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa. I always like the look of wallpaper I haven't used it in my own home simply because I like to change things to often & paint is so much easier. However... I am dying to wallpaper my closet in my master bedroom, something fabulously feminine. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design & for your sweet comment. Have a great weekend. ~Debby xo

La Dolfina said...

Can I just say, you really rocked that sale. Everything you scored is really incredible and all the ways you plan on using it is perfect. I have used wallpaper inside my hall closet, linen closet,and master bedroom closets so I totally get your intentions. I will be looking forward to seeing all these projects of yours come to fruition over the coming months. I want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day and thank you for your blog friendship! That was a beautiful tribute to your Mother!!!!

Kathysue said...

You totally scored on the wallpaper. The prices are unbelieveable. I would love the trellis pattern in a small powder room. Oh to be inside you beautiful closets. I remember years ago seeing an actors home where her closet was wallpapered and all the storage boxes were papered in co-ordinates. Right then and there I thought this is a Someday. Can't wait to see your transformations!! happy Mothers day to you. Thank you for always coming by and leaving such nice comments on my blog. It is so fun to get to know you better, Happy Happy Mothers Day. Enjoy the recital,Kathysue

FrenchBlue said...

Good find! I love wallpaper, especially vintage. It makes great gift wrapping!! In Paris I often find it on the back of old framed prints used as a sealer:) I sometimes like the paper on back more than the print!
Happy Mothers Day Beautiful Mommy!!

A Wedding Story said...

I love the Hinson pink floraly/fan print. When I worked at my last design firm I use to thumb through that book and loved this pattern, especially in the periwinkle!

Marija said...

Such an eye. I'm totally impressed with your finds. I just know you'll do great things with all these papers. Looking forward to it!

And what a beautiful message to your mom. I'm sure she's proud :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Melanie said...

WOW!! That was some sale!!!! ;-))) I love wallpaper!!!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my bracelet post. I love the concept of any bracelet that tells a story:) I still have my Grandma's charm bracelet. She used to buy a charm for every spot they had traveled. I cherish it. I also started one for both my girls. They get a silver charm for each birthday. Something that is significant to events of the year. When they turn 16.. they will get the bracelet.So far, I have kept up with it. Granted, they are only 4 and 5.:-)

Happy Mothers Day to you!!!!

M.A.the2nd said...

Lisa I love wallpaper and I adore Brunswig and Fils. You scored some amazing pieces and I love the bamboo! Gorgeous can't wait to see where you use everything. Happy happy Mother's Day to you.... have a wonderful day!
Hugs Frances

Classic Style in City said...

A walkin closet, with wallpaper in pink and a chandelier sound great to me :))

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

If only you could see the shade of green on my face! I love ALL of the patterns your purchased and the price, amazing. You are going to have so much fun with this. Indulge us and please allow us to follow your process!

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Looks like you found a lot of nice wallpapers! And a walkin closet with pink wallpaper and a chandelier sounds fab! Happy mothers day to you!

By the way, I am following, what about you;)

The Zhush said...

I love wallpaper so much! Can not get over all the good ideas here, not to mention your fabulous scores! You are so talented and your energy astounds me!!! Running and gardening and wallpapering too! Wow! Now I want to paper my closet as well! Happy Mothers Day Lisa!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

What a great find for you. At that price, you can use the paper for all kinds of classy things. Wish I was in NYC to take advantage of the sale myself, but alas, Texas is a bit to far for a junkin trip! I found your blog from Kathysue at Good Life of Design. It you're friends with Kathysue, then I'm ready to follow too. I hope you'll stop by my blog, Divine Distractions and see what you think.
Looking forward to getting to know you.

Haven and Home said...

This is craziness!!! I am so jealous! $5 wallpaper, that is what dreams are made of!

Anonymous said...

I like wallpaper, but to be honest, not in my house. It doesn't really go with the look I go for, which is quite minimalist. When it comes to wallpaper, I think bold is best, but I like it in small doses so it doesn't become overpowering.
Hope you had a fab mother's day.
*kisses* HH