Friday, May 21, 2010

Butterfly beauty

Yesterday was a fun day for me. I got to meet fellow blogger, the Zhush! She has quite the flair for covering all things fabulous and is the ultimate sleuth in gathering images for each and every post! I love visiting her blog... After meeting her I confirmed she is absolutely my cup of tea. We decided we'll be getting together again.

During our little get together I told the Zhush about what I was doing at home with my kiddies...growing butterflies. Yes, my husband saw a commercial for growing your own butterflies and ordered the kit. I immediately thought, caterpillars, chrysalids and a net container in our home to grow butterflies? Really husband? What I was really thinking is that everything in our home has a spot and I could not think of a spot for this little "farm" he wanted to create. Yes, I thrive on organization in a home, but I also thrive on seeing the world through my children's I changed my attitude and experienced magic. The kit my husband ordered.

For the past two weeks we've had this kit, five caterpillars that formed into chrysalids and recently into five gorgeous butterflies. Our children have loved looking with sheer excitement every morning, afternoon and night at the process. On Wednesday we witnessed a butterfly become a butterfly before our very own eyes as it shed its' chrysalid. At that point I thought about the magic in witnessing such a beautiful transformation! Yesterday when I returned from meeting the Zhush we set the butterflies free. We shot video of our children giggling, smiling and being the most gentle I've ever seen them. They released the butterflies into nature and my eyes filled with tears as my children experienced nature first hand.

Before the release, here are four of the five butterflies we grew.
The release...all flew away and we waved goodbye. This one spent some time on my daughter's witness the magical expression on her face was worth finding a spot for the project.
After it left her finger, the butterfly joined nature.
If you have young children in your life you may want to give this it a try. Or maybe you've done this before? It was a beautiful experience for our whole family...fuzzy caterpillars, ugly chrysalids, colorful butterflies and a million little memories of the various stages our children (and us) witnessed. There is beauty in the unexpected experience. We gave a little something back to nature yesterday and it felt good, real good. Enjoy your weekend!


bluehydrangea said...

That is so cool!! And you got to met Sue? I am her and her fabulous blog!

Cashon&Co said...

We did this with my son last year and it was SO cool! It taught me a lot too of things about butterflies that I had forgotten since Elem. School. These are the memories your children will always remember :)

Starfish and Sundresses said...

This totally brought back memories of doing this as a child. I remember how much fun it was. I bet your children were thrilled! xx

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

That is super cool,and you lady are so fortunate to meet each other i adore Zhush,
and what a great idea to have a Butterfly farm,i love butterflies cant raise them but i am designing butterfly bags in different color!check on my blog,~regards Deepali

FrenchBlue said...

I adore butterflies and have a thing for vintage butterfly nets! I love that you share such simple and sweet things with you kids~ You are such a GOOD MoM!!

Ann said...

I am not sure why, but we have had a lot of butterflies in our yard last year and this year. They make my soul smile. They are such happy creatures.
You are giving your children a wonderful gift. I bet they'll always remember this.

The Zhush said...

Lisa, It was so great to meet the beautiful lady behind this lovely blog! The butterfly "launch" sounds very special, the photos are great, and your children are so lucky to have such an amazing mom!

shari @ little blue deer said...

That is so cool! I LOVE Sue, she is one of my favorite bloggers, that's so great that you all got to hang out! Also, butterfly kit, wow! That reminded me of sea monkeys, I used to dream about sea monkeys when I was little, they looked so real in the ads (but of course in reality they were a huge disappointment). The butterflies look like they were a whole lot more fulfilling! XO!

Bumby Scott said...

Lisa, I hope that you have given your husband a big Hug and Kiss...Thanks for the memories.

Always Bumby

Heavenly Housewife said...

Thats so cool that you got to meet up with The Zhush. I think thats the best part about blogging, meeting great people.
Love the beautiful butterfly pictures.
Have a great weekend.
*kisses* HH

Mary Ellen said...

What a great project! The pic of the butterfly on your daughters little tiny finger is just precious! (BTW, I love your blog and just became a follower!)
P.S. Stop by my little blog to get in on my very first giveaway!

Style Chronicle said...

Sweet times!

The Buzz said...

How fun - a day in the city with Sue! You two must have had a blast - wish I had been a fly or butterfly on the wall!

sara said...

I love "The Zhush"! Sounds like you all had a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! You're on on our blogroll now!

Eddie + Jaithan

Traci Giles said...

We did this last spring, it was sweet and fun. Now what to do with that big butterfly cage thingie? :)

North of 25A said...

First, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Second, you got to meet "The Zhush"?!? I am so envious! And last but not least, about 10 years ago there was a hugh butterfly exhibit at The Bronx Zoo. Parents in the class, who were sponsors of the exhibit, sent each child in my daughter's class a kit like yours weeks before the date of a get together for everyone at the zoo. What an amazing experience it was for everyone! I will always remember the wonder and thoughtfulness of the experience for the kids. Thanks for reminding me that miracles are all around.

Beatriz said...

This has to be the coolest thing EVER!! Do you have to have children? ;) I'm sure Sam would Love 50 butterflies flying around our home!