Saturday, July 31, 2010

My son's "Monster Splash Bash"

This week we gave our son a "Monster Splash Bash" to celebrate his second birthday! Here's my little monster sporting his "oh-so-appropriate" swim trunks!
As the little ones walked up to the party they were greeted by monster beach balls! It did not take long before they were in the little pool!
 The pinwheels were placed by the pool and water station, simply because a pinwheel reminds of my childhood!
Also by the splashing zone was a "monster tattoo parlor!"
The selection of tattoo options. 
After the monster/monsterette splashing, we headed to the back patio for more fun!
   I set up an activity table that included monster coloring books and crayons, bendable monster figures and blinking squishy balls! 
Monster bean ball toss anyone? 
Since the celebration was an afternoon playdate from 3:30 to 5:30 I wanted to serve dinner. I did a very simple, yet nutritional summer meal for the fourteen little ones. We served beef sliders, corn on the cob and watermelon! 

Chocolate milk or water was served in these colorful little cups with straws I made.

Monster lollipops!
Here I am serving up "monster" bite size cupcakes and ice cream nibbles!
These adorable monsters came packaged with stickers to create your own monsters. My daughter decorated all the monsters/monsterettes for the party. I used these as seat assignments on each chair!
I bought simple party hats and added the ribbon to the top of each one.  
My son's monster made an appearance the entire party!

Colorful touches.

  Each little party goer was given a monster bedtime book dispelling the thought of a monster under the bed.  It's a very cute read!
Monster fun was had by all!


M.A.the2nd said...

Lisa ... this looks amazing ...definitely a Monster Bash!!! Daniel's swimming trunks are so cute and everything looks so perfect. I love the idea of the beef sliders/mini hamburgers and also the activity table with crayons and colour books. I hope you all had a wonderful afternoon and Happy Birthday to Daniel!
Hugs Frances

Anonymous said...

What a great party you threw for him... adorable! That first pic. of his little toes and legs in the monster swim trunks just makes me happy... it's an adorable little pic.! Have a great weekend. xo

Couture Carrie said...

So fun!
Looks like a great party!


Reina said...

this sounds like an ADORABLE party :D

Cashon&Co said...

That is beyond perfect in every way..... For the kids AND the adults! You know how to throw a party dear, that's for sure!

pve design said...

You certainly know how to have a monstrous ball of a good time!
Lovely decorations and I love the party favor. I will have to get that book. I used (still do) to run and jump to my bed, for fear the monster would grab me - so that is a must read for me!

The Zhush said...

Considering my four year old son was half up the night AGAIN worried about aliens in his room...I may need that monster book too! (oy) This amazing party is such a welcome sight for my sore and tired did it again...another perfect Birthday party for the world's luckiest children! :)

Jo said...

Looks like a monstrously good time was had by all.
Those beach balls great as well as all the decorations. The party favors are just perfect.


Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Oh, looks wonderful! I am sure they had a ball!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You are the best mom and a very creative mom. Step aside Martha! Happy belated birthday to your sweet boy. xoxo


What a lucky boy! That looks like a wonderful party. You're quite the party planner :)

Oh and I was in Southampton on Saturday for a party. Originally I was planning on trying to hit Super Saturday but I decided to pass. And I also was going to stay out there for the entire weekend but last minute changed plans and came back to the city Saturday night because of Sunday's forecast. Had a great time anyway :)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

red ticking said...

so darling... i love the monster theme... and good wholesome yummie food... what a wonderful mother you are... xx

The Buzz said...

A party fit for any of the many monsters on Sesame Street and your little one, too! I love of the monster touches - what fun the kids must have had!

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh Lisa....Cookie Monster and all his pals would have loved this! The attention to detail and love that went into this party are obvious. Thank you for shwaring it!

xo Elizabeth

Acanthus and Acorn said...

What a fantastic party! I love all the little details, it really makes for a special day and great memories for kids and adults!!!

Do you know the book "The Monster Bed"? It was a favorite of my son's. It is about a monster who is afraid of humans...hiding under his bed! We read it so often, many of the words are still fresh in my mind...even though my son is 18!

Kathysue said...

Lisa, this is absolutely adorable. you could be a professional childrens event planner. Every little detail,down to the straws were perfection, I bet your little guy and all of his friends loved it!! Kathysue

sara said...

How incredibly cute, Lisa, you did a wonderful job! I bet your son LOVED his party!

Hamptontoes said...

Thanks for all your comments! It was a fun party!
Acanthus and Acorn, thanks for the book recommendation. I will be certain to buy for my little guy! It sounds cute!

Love Kpop said...

Winter has returned. I do not like because I can not stand the cold. But wearing loud clothes also quite interesting. I look like a cute bear