Monday, February 8, 2010


It was a wildly busy day, so I'm just visiting my blog for the first time today. I'm in NY and we are expecting a big snowstorm tomorrow evening and I'm going away for the holiday next week, so I'm working non-stop to have all my ducks in a row! Today's post is about wallcoverings...I am a huge fan! Wallpaper today is not what it was when I was growing up. When searching for the perfect wallcovering the selections, styles, prints, colors and suppliers are endless. I like seeing a house with a nice mix of wallcoverings, as well as painted rooms. The balance is lovely. Wallpaper edited wisely adds real character, charm, sophistication and interest to a home! 

Here are some examples of the wallcoverings that I personally applied to the walls of my home.    
In our daughter's bedroom here's a Cowtan & Tout wallcovering below the chair rail. It is beautiful, timeless and feminine (despite not being pink)!   
This Ralph Lauren striped wallcovering below the chair rail in our son's room.
It's handsome and reminds me of a man's business shirt!  
In our dining room I searched for a wallcovering that was dramatic, fun and a touch more bold than I'd normally gravitate towards. I applied this Zoffany wallpaper to one wall in our dining room.    
I have ordered the following two wallcoverings, they have been shipped and now I'm waiting for their arrivals! This Schumacher tone on tone wallcovering by Kelly Wearstler has been on my mind since I first noticed is now going in my office! It really is the essence of subtle sophistication! I can't wait to hang this wallpaper! Since I only have a sample and it's been toted around in my handbag, you'll have to forgive the crease marks from being folded. Once I hang I will show my office.  
And, this Zoffany tone-on-tone zebra print number is going in our half-bath in the foyer...oh, I can't wait! 
If it arrives this week, I'm sure I'll stay up to all hours just to complete. I love animal prints...on wallpapers, textiles, shoes, clothing, handbags...anywhere! Again, this is a sample and has been toted around in my handbag since ordering, so you'll have to overlook the creases.
What are your thoughts about wallcoverings? I'd like to hear from you!
 Tomorrow I'm off to a lecture at the D ; D (design building in NYC accessible to the trade only) to listen to the talented Brad Ford followed by a visit to Doyle. (Auction houses are a great source for obtaining furniture with a certain pedigree, along with original artwork at reasonable prices...if the bidding doesn't go crazy!) I'll post tomorrow evening. Good night!   

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holly goes lightly said...

Love the KWID white on white! Can't wait to see it in your office -- I was thinking about putting it on a ceiling -- so fresh!
Thank you so much for your concern for my sweet dog. She is at home now and recovering nicely. She's still a bit weak, but eating and sleeping well and I have every reason to think she'll be just fine. Isn't that wonderful?