Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two tickets to Paris

My husband and I are heading to Paris this spring, for the first time! Interior design and lifestyle bloggers, followers and readers are a savvy group of individuals! I'd like to tap into your recommendations for places to eat, where to shop, sights to see, hotels with lobby's that will have me standing in awe and where I'll find the best croissant! Tour guide, good idea?
I'll be sharing my trip with you...images of architecture, inspirational photos of interiors and all things fabulous! 


Unknown said...

So smart to do this, bet you get some amazing tips! (so jealous, can't wait to live vicariously through it all...)


my favorite city in the world!! are you taking the kids with you? (important to know!) I have lots of suggestions. Also when are you heading to the NYIG?

Hamptontoes said...

My husband and I are going on our first trip without our kiddies...they will be having fun with family. I'm going to add that to my post right trip! E-mailing you now about the NYIGF.

Marianne said...

Paris is my favorite city! I stayed in the 7th and it was perfect. They say it's the most desirable district and I have to agree. We rented an apartment through and I highly recommend using them if you want to go this route. We could see the Eiffel tower from our living room! They also have a great guide on their website too! I'm dying to go back and hopefully it will be sooner than later! You are going to have the time of your life!

Lili said...

major ENVY here :))

have fun!!!

Olivia said...

How fun! I sure did enjoy Cafe de Flore when I was there. And don't miss the Louvre, of course. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss Paris! Hope you have a magical time.

The Buzz Blog said...

My list of places to see and where to shop and dine is long and varied... Au Bon Acceuil near the Eiffel Tower for a magical dinner and strolling the streets of the Marais are just some thoughts. Oh, and don't forget Printemps Maison if the hubby doesn't mind home furnishings - lunch on the rooftop there is not to be missed.

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

Oh what fun. I studied there briefly in college for an economics course on the EU and would travel for work quite often in my private equity days. I'll have to round up my favorites and email you!

Unknown said...

Paris in the Spring! Is there anything better? You are going to have an AMAZING time!!! I have some recommendations...I'll email them to you!!!
xo e

quintessence said...

Oh how exciting!! I've totally got the travel bug - I'm going to have to do something this year!! My husband doesn't like city vacations - so this will have to be by myself or a girlfriend. I'm sure you'll get tons of tips from all your sophisticated well-traveled readers. Since I haven't been to Paris in - well I won't tell you how long exactly - I can't help you in this regard. So looking forward to traveling with you vicariously!

Silvia C said...

That's so fun, Lisa! How exciting. I looooove Paris (who doesn't?)

Beautifully Seaside // Formerly Chic Coastal Living said...

Would love to go to Paris! One day!

Anonymous said...

SO glad i discovered your blog today! paris is my absolute favorite city...was just there last april. the former european correspondent for gourmet magazine has a blog and wrote a book for restaurant recommendations...i made all of my reservations based off of his reviews...very helpful!

my husband and i just read rick steve's guide and explored ourselves...the city is very walkable (bring walking shoes...we walked from 9AM - 7PM everyday) and the metro is SO easy to use. don't miss versailles! it's a short trip out.

thanks for inspiring me today..your blog is LOADS of beautiful inspiration!


FrenchBlue said...

Hi Beautiful,
You must walk into the Le Meurice Hotel for a drink. YOU will appreciate the decor:) P. Stark mixed with old Paris Hotel!!
Other than that just have so much fun!! Honestly every step is priceless~~~

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I love Paris...a little harder to get to now that we are on the west coast, but looking forward to hearing what everyone has to can never get too many recommendations.

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

I am THRILLED for you! My experience goes back about a decade, so I don't know how current a lot of my experiences would be today. I think PPT will be the hook up ;) All I know is that I didn't meet a cafe I didn't love. It was heaven, truly!!!! My camera just told me it's jealous. Please be my pen pal, ha :) XO

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Dearest Lisa .... You are going to have an AMAZING trip! I am so excited for you both! I have been to Paris and France 4 times and you never, never tire of it. This will be the first of many trips for you! I have so much info for you I feel like I am bubbling over.
Obvious must dos:
The Louvre
Tuileries Gardens
Drive at night along the Champs Elysses preferably in a limousine whilst drinking Bollinger and observe at its best the street of "Rubies and Diamonds".
Go to the Eiffel Tower at night as well ..... they have every hour a complete light show of the tower.
Laduree on both Rue Royale and Champs Elysses. The Salon de The are incredible and you can buy and bring home the most gorgeous, delectable and delicious boxes and treats you can ever imagine.
Opera Royale .... this is where they filmed the masked ball scene from Marie Antoinette.
Madeleine Chapel .... fabulous and is at the head of Rue Royale.
Hotel de Crillon is stunning and right on Place de la Concorde. I would recommend this over The Ritz as I felt the service was excepional and you are right on the step of the Champs Ellysses to the right and the Tuileries Gardens and Louvre to the left.
The Orangerie where they house Monet's "Water Lilies". Just across Place de la Concorde.
Versailles Palace and Gardens .... you need two days I think but you may not have time. Train it from Paris and don't forget Petite Trianon.
Rodin Museum
If by chance you have time go to Vaux le Vicomte .... I will email you with more details!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Paris in the Spring is the best. We went in April and it was we still needed a decent coat but it was perfect for walking around. Breakfast at Laudree and hot chocolate at Angelinas. Don't miss out on a chocolate crepe! The Arc de Triomphe at night is worth all the stairs! xo

Paris Pâtisseries said...

Very exciting. I live in Paris half the year . . . just to eat pastries. So, if you have a sweet tooth, check out my site. I'm currently in the process of losing about 30lbs. so that I can eat for 6 months straight (19lbs. down in just two months). But, as for sites to see, unless you are spending more than 2 weeks there, you can do the usual tourist stuff and stay very busy. Not sure what to suggest off-the-cuff for shopping, as there are many different kinds (from luxe clothing to flea markets and beyond). Feel free to email if you want any specific recos for anything.

Unknown said...

how fabulous - i have so many memories of Paris - 1 i got my Fendi legguage there 2. French people hate Americans 3. it wasn't very clean 4. i wish i can go back! haha

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Stitchfork said...

ooh, la, la! We have wonderful memories of time spent in Paris! Looking forward to seeing it again via your view! xo Cathy

red ticking said...

i will send some info along... let me think... i am going as well although not firm yet... paris quickly then onto the south.

i was suppose to be in nyc this weekend for the show (ear trouble) so my dr would not let me fly... so i will wait for all of your scoop!

wouldn't it have been fun to meet??????

Dovecote Decor said...

Lisa: One of the highlights of my life was the Paris flea market:
The prices are not good right now, with the dollar so low, but please go and take pictures for us!!
Café Constant
139 rue St. Dominique, 01 47 53 73 34
Haven't been, but reviews are compelling. Its on my list.

La Vallee Village, a Designer Outlet shopping "mall" about 45 minutes from central Paris. Givenchy, Façonnable, Longchamp handbags & accessories, Burberry, Max Mara, Lalique, Jimmy Choo, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Descamps linens, Christian LaCroix, Baccarat crystal and many more.

Reciproque: Fantastic designer consignment.


Stevie said...

Paris is lovely! How many days will you go for? There's obviously much to see there but you should definately consider some day trips. It is wonderful to visit Verasilles and it's quite close via train. We went several years ago and took an incredible day-trip to visit several chateaux in the Loire Valley as well. The museums in Paris are a must-see and a boat ride along the Seine is wonderful, too. I hope that you have good weather while you're there! New York sounds like it has been horrid!

Hamptontoes said...

Aren't all of you just the best? I am thrilled by all of your recommendations! Thank you so much.

Stevie, we will only be there for six days, but I'll take what I can get!

Red ticking, yes...of course, let's meet!

WaterWorks Car Wash said...

My husband and I were engaged at night at the church St. Sulpice - outside by the lion fountain. Our favorite hotel there is Hotel L'Abbaye
What a blast you're going to have!

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Wow, what a trip to look forward to! I see romance written all over it! Paris in Spring, adults only, just enchanting.

(Sadly, I have no tips to offer. The closest I got to Paris was the 270 degree film at Epcot this summer, where we picked up a little Eiffel Tower with the kids in the gift shop!)


debra @ 5th and state said...

oh lisa, you will fall in love all over again with your husband and with this beautiful city.
my favorite area to stay in is the 6th arrondissement; st. germain.
to me it has the aura of neighborhood within a city where chic parisians actually live, not overly elegant but heavy on charm, stylish indy boutiques, amazing cafes and restaurants including cafe de flores. and my favorite attribute..... not a huge influx of tourists.
we will delight in your journey!


Lisa do you know Ally from the:
She is a blogger and lived there 4 years. We were just talking about Paris and she is an expert! I know she would not mind telling you about all her special places!!! Good luck and have fun...I took my daughter there when she graduated from college and had a blast.

That Girl in Pearls said...

ou la la!! J'adore Paris!! If you are looking for the quintessential, teeny tiny french hotel experience with absolutely pleasant and warm staff, we always stay at Hotel Britannique ( It's totally descent in cost, slightly hidden, but very conveniently located. I just live in the Louvre when I go and stop by every single crepe stand I see haha! I hope you have a fabulous time!! It is so romantic. We took a night boat tour of the Eiffel Tower which was very romantic if you're into that sort of thing.

So excited for you!

EFT for Cancer said...

Oh my! Paris! I'd love to go there too! Hope you'll have a great time there! Looking forward for your stories to share.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow what a Blessing to get to go to Paris.Look so forward to seeing all the great pictures that you will be taking!

sherie said...

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