Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day in the life

When it comes to creating interior spaces, I use a wide range of resources but lean heavily towards to-the-trade offerings. The D & D (Design & Decoration Building (to-the-trade) offers 18 stories of showrooms to fill the demands of any assignment. Here's a behind the scenes look at the inspiration I get from a day at the D & D.

Edelman Leather is always my first stop for an amazing selection of luxurious leathers. The offerings are almost endless.
Kravet is known to always have eye catching vignettes. Love the upholstered wall!
Ralph Lauren is always a treat to visit. His interiors are as timeless, sophistication and chic as his fashions and his own sense of style.
Love the gold pillows and throw paired with the classic blue and white. Very striking!
Zoffany is one of my absolute favorite resources for wallcoverings, but their textiles and lighting are just as amazing! I like the subtlety of the female and male lamps, they would be amazing on bedside tables - sort of marking his and her side of the bed!
Schumacher wallcoverings are another favorite of mine!  
Since the D & D is to-the-trade only, I know that not everyone can go to there, so my next Day in the Life post will be about retail favorites. Do you have go-to favs when you are creating an interior space?  


Kathysue said...

Hi Lisa, Love all the eye candy, The RL showroom is gorgeous and the navy and white striped sofa is amazing, thanks for the virtual tour, Happy Thursday, If you have a chance I would love to hear your opinion on my latest post??!! Kathysue

Unknown said...

You know all the best spots inside the D&D. I was tickled to walk around with you during Blogfest.

And, now you have me craving those Edelman leathers...they are simply divine!

xoxo Elizabeth

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i'm still waiting to knwo when u need an assistant and i can work for you!

i can go on for DAYS of places i LOVE to shop for inspirations, to buy pieces, ect. -- soooo fun!

Unknown said...

Love all your insidie picks and tips...really looking forward to the next post!

quintessence said...

Love all these wonderful sources!! Looking forward to seeing your retail favorites!

The enchanted home said...

Great post! Love all of these images, some I am familiar with and others I am not...Edelman leather looks like a real find. Great resources!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

You know all the best spots! I love Schumacher wallpaper and kravet.

debra @ 5th and state said...

oh lisa that edleman showroom sets my heart to pounding, the colors and patterns.
i have an artist friend that does this croc finish on furniture with the raised texture and intricate grain, you have to touch and then still wonder if it is real or not

you always bring the best inspiration!

Unknown said...

I love those beautiful leathers, they are so dramatic.
*kisses* HH

designchic said...

These leathers are gorgeous...the Edelman croc is fabulous!!

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

This is a very chic and applicable way to break down your paths well travelled! Love the upholstered walls. Love RL style! XO, Kelly

The Buzz Blog said...

A day spent at the D & D is a day spent with beauty! Love your favorites and can't wait to see your retail picks. Happy Monday!

Stevie said...

I've shopped at the San Francisco Design Center which is also to the trade though it isn't that enforced. ( I bought an incredible bed frame there several years ago.) It is true that these designer-only stores are always amazing to look at: I suppose because they know that their customers are all designers, so it has to be perfect.

I don't know aboue retail stores beyond the basice so look forward to what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

That wall covering is beautiful! xo