Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sixth picture

The beautiful Beatriz from That Girl in Pearls (http://www.thatgirlinpearls.com/) has tagged me with re-posting the sixth photo of this blog. I was looking at her post and enjoying my read when I stumbled across her tagging of six other blogs and noticed my blog name there. Hmmm. I thought, what was my sixth picture? So I ventured away to find that my sixth photo was in my third post. In that post I talked about how your front door is the introduction to your home. It can whet the pallet for what's to come. You can enhance your entry way by adding a door knocker,  a fabulous wreath or both, as I did here. This was a January image of our front door. 
How does your front entry say "welcome?" 

Ok ladies, what was your sixth photo?

Enjoy the day!

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La Dolfina said...

Gorgeous Front Door :)