Saturday, January 2, 2010

The fireplace details

Okay, so I "test drove" my new blog on a few friends and to them I owe a big thank you! I was asked a couple of the same questions from those "test driving" my blog, so I thought I'd address them here. Some were interested in the "dog" in front of the fireplace! He is a hand carved wooden bench that I purchased years ago from a shop in Annapolis, MD. He is the perfect whimsical touch to a modern home! Here are a few close-up photos:

And, yes, you can sit on the dog!
Also, the dog wasn't the only piece in the fireplace photo "fetching" compliments...many inquired about the colorful artwork! The artwork is an original from Eric Lee with Presteau Studios...check out his website!
Here is a close-up of the piece above the fireplace.

Good night!

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Traci Giles said...

Love the new blog and love the dog!! He makes me smile :) The artwork is stunning, too.