Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little playroom nook transformed into a little girl's playhouse

One of the things we loved about our new home when we moved in was the size of the basement. (Let me remind you we came from NYC, where our apartment in the city could fit into our basement here...well, almost)! My husband and I looked at the basement (which includes a full bathroom, a laundry room, a guest bedroom, a fireplace, a very large storage closet (which remained) and another large storage closet (which we converted into a little, but chic bedroom with a twin bed) and immediately thought what a perfect playroom! Hmmm, I should be more honest and say I thought the above; while my husband thought about where he would put a very large flatscreen television!  The rest of our home is very polished, for the basement I wanted to embrace a family space where little kids could be little kids!  When we moved into this house we only had our daughter (I was pregnant with our son at the time who is now 17 months) and I wanted to convert this nook into a special space just for her. Since her bedroom is not pink, I painted this little nook pink and created a playhouse (at the age of three she refers to it as her castle).
Here, imaginative play is limitless!
We replaced the carpeting for the entire basement with a neutral tone Berber carpeting. In addition: we replaced the trim work, removed the wooden ball fixture on the outside of the nook, demolished the seat inside the nook to make room for a "kitchen", made another shelf to replace the missing one, painted the inside pink and hung a small chandelier to complete the fantasy!
Just outside her playhouse is this space.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice touch to add such a girly space so your daughter could be a kid and enjoy her wonder years!